APPSI is pleased to partner with the J.D. Kennedy Arts Center at Holy Names University to present art exhibitions and lectures that explore various dimensions of positive peace—notably, cultural diversity, social justice, and ecological sustainability.


Goddesses of Nature (Spring 2017): Photographs by Gerald Hoffman

Danny Lyon’s Photography of Social Engagement (Fall 2016): Lecture by Julian Cox, Chief Curator, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

Burma: A Journey Within (Spring 2015): Photographs by Charles Costello III

Eternal Harvest: The Legacy of American Bombs in Laos (Spring 2014): Photographs by Jerry Redfern

Retrospective on Galen Rowell’s Tibet Imagery (Spring 2013): Presented in partnership with the Tibetan Association of Northern California

Facing Fukushima (Spring 2013): Photographs by Peter Blakely

For an article on the genesis of the project, see: Blakely, Peter. “Facing Fukushima,” JPRI Occasional Paper 41 (July 2012).